Tuesday, August 7, 2007

POHM Crime

The new issue of the Surfer's Journal (Volume 16, #4) arrived today and features an article about New York (Send Them Bagels) written by Andrew Kidman. He was in town last December/January visiting his mother-in-law in Queens, smacking sausage and peppers on Cross Bay Blvd and exploring the Badlands via The White Shadow.

A most kine thanks to Jon Bless of Moa Anbessa Sound System (http://www.moaanbessa.com/) who dropped by this afternoon with a copy of Barrington Levy's 1979 classic, 'Englishman' LP. Jah Bless!

In other news, Drive Like Jehu's 1991 self-titled album has been helping up beat the heat and maintain inner-stoke during this flatspell...although the surf was super-fun small-kine this morn. Hmm, must be the duct tape...

1 comment:

m.caro said...

Super good album from the vaults. I like Yank Crime too...no aloha!