Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pitch Shifts

Upstairs painter Jackie Gendel mo'zeed in today and while looking at the lights above the counter, courtesy of Zip Zinger shredder Brady Dollarhide, remarked that they were linked to Philip Guston's late figurative work sometimes featuring lightbulbs.

Philip Guston
"There's some mysterious process at work here, which I don't even want to understand."

Steve from Boarders of Rockaway stopped by early arvo for a telephone-interupted chat and some sales-assisting, at one point encouraging a customer (sexy rocker chick whose ex-band is...) to purchase the 9'6" DANO nose glider when inquiring about gift ideas. Steve, you can work any day you want!

We have a few copies left of NY boy Allan Weisbecker's "Search For Captain Zero" a tale of one man's search for his cracked out friend and fellow drug-traffikker in the exile of Costa Rica. Rights recently purchased by Sean Penn and scheduled for production? A classic, cavalier-introspective travel read.

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Chum said...

Guston is one of my favorite painters! You guys need to get a baseball bat with nails through it for behind the counter to give the shop an even more "gustony" vibe.

And don't forget to stock Cosmic Banditos...