Thursday, August 2, 2007

Every Scoundrel

Chris Pellen stopped by today, in town from the North Coast of Australia where he and his wife run the Milk and Honey pizza/salad resto, though currently on holiday in Boerum Hill. Chris is the guy who sang 'Mo-Walker' in Andrew Kidman's 'Litmus' and did the infamous 'Hate To Be A Cow' song (w/Kidman) featured in Rip Curl's 'Feral Kingdom.' Needless to say a super sweet cuhhuhhn and all around rad dood.

We're all about education and enrichment by this river, where a wicked batch of books arrived this morn. Beautiful Losers is finally back in print and we've got copies! Same with Ben Marcus' new hardcover book, The Surfboard: Art:Style:Stoke which traces the evolution of the surfboard from religious object to babe-magnet. Forward by Gary Linden and surfing photography by Mr. Jeff Divine. For those of you who grew up skateboarding we gots Sean Clivers Disposable which documents the history of skateboard art from the early Dogtown boards, to Zorlac, Sims, Santa Cruz and Powell. Perfect for dreaming about those boards you used to have and wished you still did.

Lastly, we're packed to the shims with Swift tees for men and women as well as a new run of NY Fish Fry tee-shirts printed in black on grey (ya know, the one Bubbie always wears)

as always, much love respect and kine thanks for your continued stoke and support...

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