Friday, May 29, 2009

Dime Store Fangs

Jon Wegener Alaia's are here! Don't let Tom Blake get ya down this Summer...

6'0 Alaia Peanut ($615)

6'6 Alaia Peanut ($615)

6'4 Alaia Stuth ($615)

6'8 Alaia Stuth ($615)

6'10 Alaia Anchovy ($625)

7'0 Alaia Finley ($625)

Petro came by for ding repair pick-up/drop-off and forgot a few things..

Faktion 5'8 twin keel artfully glassed by Long Island Legend Eddie Fawess ($775)

5'10 Faktion Quadzilla ($700)

Mr Faktion with Team Grom shredder

-Kyle Field KNOCK ON EVERY DOOR opening 2nite at Cinders Gallery, 7-1opm! Runs til June 28th.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wino Informer

Mental sesh this morn with only a handful of 516 locals feeling high at low tide

Huey arrived with tidal alignment

Left into Right/Right into Left air sections!

The Barrel Master came and went late

Fly in the Champagne is finally here! AI and Slates share their love

Weds Night Noise Salon at Secret Project Robot

Eric Z checkin the levels

Xavier Escondido w/HBB quiver

HBurly Dude Division: Kyle 'Little Wings' Field with China Ty

Greensleeves Field of Greens

Near Newtown Creek

Alaia's are here! (Yes, that IS Thruster Justin)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

War Time Consiglieres

Due to cold weather and rain the Liquid + Surf benefit for the Fresh Foundation/Musica Surfica screening has been canceled. Apologies to the babysitter!

Small kine loggables over the weekend and some pretty good fishing off Nostrand Ave...

Jah Bless wading it out after Midnight

Fish on! Deebow and JB sortin

Time for dinner but first a touch of the punani sauce

Mrs. Bless taking a knife to the sword

Brazilian style sword fish w/maniac rice!

Fellini Bless giving the appearance of being well-behaved

Sausage, egg and cheese sambos are great after a night of fishing

Happy belated Birthday to Joseph William Vongole!

Eh paison, here's the sicilian from Grandpa's for ya

Forest Hills Neil of Cymbals Eat Guitars feeeeeling it inna long hair tripper style

UPS Pedro has replaced UPS Ron. He used to sing vocals for the Red Lobster House Band

Shy Ty's still preggo....with dreams of Japan

...and picking up tabs

Don't get jumped in sandals

Romance ain't dead Kandy Hassler

Pterodactyl Zac and Costalot shades

Grant Newby sent this Down Under gem as seen from above

Underground love letter

-Spruce dude Kyle Field aka Little Wings will be playing the Monster Island Basement this Saturday at 8pm. Later that evening Dub Is A Weapon will be up the block playing a free show at Zebulon!

Monday, May 25, 2009

In Memorium

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Manner of Speaking

Jive/Beat #1 as mentalized by Johnny Knapp featuring visual/oral musings from Richard Kenvin, Nat Russell, Blain Vandenberg, Tyler Healy, Ashley Martin, Ty Williams, Rob Kulisek, Manuel C. Caro, Mikey De Temple, Alberto Cuadros, Cyrus Sutton, Joseph Falcone and KLM. Mr. Knapp aka Ha Senior goofy styling circa 1971 on the cover!

Nat Dawg

Toby Smith on the nose, foto courtesy of Jim Cook

Adam Camaro came thru with a Pasty's pie, the REAL Patsy's at 2287 First Ave between 117th and 118th where Grimaldi learned his trade

Street tacos from the Corner of Bedford and Metropolitan for when you're tired of Za!

The Other Mr. Healy and AK Never Been Pro model

Cone grinding

-Have a great Memorial Day Weekend we WILL be open Monday. Don't forgot your shorty and booties!
-Weds. May 27th 8pm, Liquid Yoga + Surf Fresh Foundation Benefit at the shop with an outdoor Musica Surfica screening, streetside bbq, cupped beverage service courtesy of Barefoot Wines and Blue Point beer, plus art stuff in the basement from Ty Williams and others!