Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Come When You Come

NY Fish Frye this weekend! Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather, let's make the call Friday night...OK?

Held via phone until the 7'2 Fineline eggy single was seen in person thus back on the blocks this super fine 7'6 Fineline eggy single ($750)

HB Wilson and aforementioned 7'2 Fineline eggy out the door to parts East

Not to be fooled by an eggy appreciation, the new Taylor Steele movie DAYS OF THE STRANGE is here! 5'5 and 5'5 Redux re-stocks aussi...

Consafos Kirk and Patrick Trefz are gearing up for the THREAD book tour

Keeps a body HB!

El Allen inna BK cognito encouraging us all to learn more about the people our favorite surfing beaches are named after. RRESPECT!

More candy

Russell Canard of Roots of Surfing collects boards from the Mid-Atlantic region and sometimes even sells them, like this beautiful Hannon! Contact the shop for details

I can't find my keys, what time is soccer practice?