Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Love Is A Wave

Mental weekend of waves! Hope ya'll got some love from Huey, lots of shredding going down across the boards. More on tap for tomorrow and later in the week. Break out the 4/3's!

Know ya rights...

Puffkat intermission interaction--Keep on Dubbing

Zoom in, kinda looks like Funboarder Fynn, nope?

This lightly used 8'0 Andreini Vaquero came in over the weekend for those of you who missed out on the 7'6 blue one from a few weeks back- ($625)

A John Hannon spotted in the lot, represent New York roots!

Deebow with fresh kills and ink, homeboy did you surf this weekend!?!?

Train from the West, AVE reps April 20th BABY!

(A candle burns in positive prayer for the Blackpool Family*)


Mr. Lentini said...

Mastic beach gots the blues big time! one of those blues ended up on the mastastico headquarters bbq for the sons 1st b day--mr,sandbar thanks for breaking my pole

sinned said...

Broke my pole AND Mr. Matastico's pole within minutes... Them blues are fierce! A truly happy birthday to Holden! Juice box celebrations!

Deepism said...

skipped to the 2/3 and boots with no complaints. Man up and thin out the neo, kids.