Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Breadline in the Background

Fun kine surf on the daily 'round here with Spring kinda outdoing Winter. One from the super positive Miercoles sesh featuring Funboarder Fynn, Adam Ant, Billy Clams, FM Counties, Norman the Curator and Kendall Slater.

Completing one's session by telling people they blew it

Mark Fu's barely used 6'0 Campbell Brothers Bumble Bee: 6'0 x 21 x 2 11/16, comes with a tail-pad and fin ($575)

Thank God It's Huey!

Weird super heroes in colored wetsuits in the line-up and on River Street too

Norman the Curator and 8'0 Vaquero, a man who knows it's better to buy now than cry later! See ya out the back like Pat Curren

Speaking of the Currens, how's Joe burying rails inna 90's style?!? Tuff shred respect!

Berlin Nights and kustom Fineline eggy single

Jon Bless came by on the fly with this metallic gift! HBP sonny...

So did Adam Ant bearing German mini-kegs to claim his Fineline Der Uberflaven

Maiko and her Fineline Der Uberflaven remembering a German Williamsburgh

The infamous artichoke slice from Artichoke Basilles on East 14th where pizza is sometimes like quiche even though real men don't eat quiche

Duran Duran off the breadline and into a well-tailored suit. Yo son buy a (new) board!

The No Neck Blues Band doing their annual Orthodox Easter performance at Sakura Park. Fotos courtesy of Eldos Audio

Still climbing high

Keep Huey coming next Thursday Nite

*Big Ups to everyone for their ongoing stoke and support. Get some waves this weekend and don't forgot ya Moms on Sunday!

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Franco S. Boroughs said...

get in early and hang em late! hate to see em leave, love to watch em go.