Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Hot Boiled Strawberry Still Hot

Fellow Uptown Believer JCruz inna NSSS shorey style! Some groms change on the beach while others forget their pants and mobiles in Camaros. Off the beach and off the lip, El Malecon anyone?

Ex-Top 16 pro, former editor of Surfing Mag, Search alumni and Fulbright recipient Jamie Brisick came by the other afternoon for a thoughtful, positive and provoking yack sesh. Always one to inquire about the current reading list, checkout the piece he did with Mr. Bookworm Michael Silverblatt

Silverio's back in town just in time for a Shea name change

Couple Bajan pix from Jah Simon

Rich Ripper and The German on tour. The German's European taste buds were too sophisticated for the lunch at the Hyatt but his tighty whiteys were perfect for the pool!

Seafood from Madison Indiana

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Kirk said...

Handsome James AND the wienie octopi in one post? I bow to your blogging mastery.