Tuesday, May 26, 2009

War Time Consiglieres

Due to cold weather and rain the Liquid + Surf benefit for the Fresh Foundation/Musica Surfica screening has been canceled. Apologies to the babysitter!

Small kine loggables over the weekend and some pretty good fishing off Nostrand Ave...

Jah Bless wading it out after Midnight

Fish on! Deebow and JB sortin

Time for dinner but first a touch of the punani sauce

Mrs. Bless taking a knife to the sword

Brazilian style sword fish w/maniac rice!

Fellini Bless giving the appearance of being well-behaved

Sausage, egg and cheese sambos are great after a night of fishing

Happy belated Birthday to Joseph William Vongole!

Eh paison, here's the sicilian from Grandpa's for ya

Forest Hills Neil of Cymbals Eat Guitars feeeeeling it inna long hair tripper style

UPS Pedro has replaced UPS Ron. He used to sing vocals for the Red Lobster House Band

Shy Ty's still preggo....with dreams of Japan

...and picking up tabs

Don't get jumped in sandals

Romance ain't dead Kandy Hassler

Pterodactyl Zac and Costalot shades

Grant Newby sent this Down Under gem as seen from above

Underground love letter

-Spruce dude Kyle Field aka Little Wings will be playing the Monster Island Basement this Saturday at 8pm. Later that evening Dub Is A Weapon will be up the block playing a free show at Zebulon!


Toddy said...

Jeez Loufuckinuise.

Mr. Lentini said...

that killed me

Ron Jon da Don said...

your minds in DISTURBIA, its like the darkness is the light.

Shipworm&Gribble said...

the darkest place to be is under the lamp