Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Needles Off The Sand

Hope ya'll had a great weekend with Huey and Mom. Friday, Saturday and a solo sesh on Sunday with high winds and siltwater fish

Non-quiche breakie with Ma Dukes

Super kine batch of Rainbows JOJ today from Mr. Pavel and Mr. Fraser for 0 to 6 foot plus surf (mainland scale), possibly bigger if you're wicked and crucial





Kill yer idols! Essential reading from David Rensin

Havianas are here!

The legend of HB continues

Hollywood HB w/CC Slider

Male Model Neil, CC and Brad 'I surf best when I'm ready to cry' Gerlach

For Paul Simon and Mrs. Robinson


Cornielus Blackpool said...

That tranny next to the hard body sign stole my shoes!

leisure time said...

Yalls are going to have to start getting paid for that sign usage. How long before that sign is in Vogue? I say next year.. Anyone want to guess?

Toddy said...

That is a rich, rich post.

Deepism said...

Revs, trannies and quads. NYC, baby!!!