Sunday, September 30, 2007


Our beloved welding bobber-hippie, often mistaken as the ghost of Nick Drake, Jeffro is turning the big 30. He's really on his way as you can see...with a little help of life coach and recycler of fragrant ziplock bags, Vincent. Thanks for the pretty security windows and the best tricycle ever produced. xo

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007

Don't Be A Nose Addict

Little Johnny Schultz having a transitional Chuck Dent Experience. The acid demons and naked lady art become exposed when putting it on rail.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are You Experienced?

As promised we'll be doing monthly in-store exhibits exploring various phases of surfboard design and culture. At first we were gonna do something called "Three New York Shapers" but wound up hanging that trippy Chuck Dent flex-fin over the weekend which got us thinking about 1967 and the Transition Era. NY stylist and collector, John 'Dubstar' Schultz was then contacted about his inter-quiver loan policy. Stoked on the idea he brought in a bevy of tranny era shapes, heaps of energy to climb ladders, tie knots, and read the Leroy Grannis book aloud in German.

The boards are hung and the opening will be Tuesday October 2nd at 8pm, same night as the SURF MOVIE Reels: 1-14 screening.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SURF MOVIE: Reels 1-14

Mollusk and Michael Halsband present:
SURF MOVIE: Reels 1-14
Tuesday October 2nd at 8pm

Surf cinema verite by legendary photographer Michael Halsband with an amazing soundtrack by Richard Fortus. Featuring Joel Tudor, Wayne Lynch, Beau Young, Bob McTavish, Kelly Slater, Bruce Irons, Jack Johnson, Rob Machado, Dane Peterson, Kassia Meador and others.

Mr. Halsband will also be screening a new short set to 'Good Vibrations' by Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch. (for reals yo)

Street-side bbq and possibly free German beer...

mollusk international:
210 kent ave
bk, ny 11211

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Girls In Their Summer Clothes

The vinyl of Bruce Springsteen's new album, 'Magic' was released today, a week earlier than the compact disc in order to make the Recording Academy's deadline for Grammy consideration. Haven't heard any of it but dig the idea of old skool kats like the Boss holding it down on the vinyl tip (even if their music ain't ya thing).

Holding it down on the strictly hand-shape tip is Chris Christenson. A bundle of his mana arrived this afternoon:

2 twin keels
4 quad fish
1 log

(*Warning, these are heartbreakers)

NY-er David K. Browning (you know, the guy who shapes and glasses in his East Village apartment) sent this pic from Indo, obviously making the right choice...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Lieutenant Becomes Casualty

International shredder/documentarian Jeremy 'Dingo' Dean stopped by for a $10 Dumont burger and 'times are tough for dreamers' conversation. Mental-money was thrown down on six diferent boards. His roomie, formerly known as China Ty (featured below) also had the burger but his hair seemed different.

Locals and Ohanas by Da Slippa are here! Hold it down in flip flops year 'round like a true Local!

Funny little clip 'bout Mollusk:

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday October 2nd, Michael Halsband's Surf Movie Reels 1-14, 8pm.
Thursday October 11th, Allan Weisbecker's "Can't You Get Along With Anyone" book signing and screening of Michael Ginthor's Zen and Zero, 8pm.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

HE SO HAOLE: North Shore Screening

the 80's cult classic NORTH SHORE will be screened THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 20th: 8pm at Mollusk. Celebrate Summer with Turtle, Rick, and Chicken. Street-side BBQ and cupped beverage service as always. Bring some, share some, threesome, foursome...yeah yeah, no!?

Mollusk International
210 Kent Ave
BK, NY 11211
L To Betty Ford

North Of The Bridge

Joey Mollusk aka Joey some circles, Joey Scallops, in fine soul-fro effect. Don't mess with the marinara.

*foto by andrea wyner

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ride The Wall

BIRDWELLS arrived in all the funky fresh kolors requested! The summer is endless, travel and indoor living. Pre-war heat is real hot! Locals are on the way...

Kyle Field and Nat Russell are doing RAD Skateboards not unlike the Zip-Zinger but with better graphics. Just got a few in and they're just so f-ing RAD!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Funboarding Is Not A Crime

Fun kine long interval sliders this weekend, felt good to extend. Watch out Mama cuz I'm goin hull-hum...

Books Back in Stock:

Beautiful Losers
Rick Griffin
Surfing Icons
Disposable: History of Skateboard Art
Leroy Grannis

New libro:
Surf Movie Tonight! (Warshaw)

Skate Legend Andy Kessler dropped off 5 of his kustom decks which allegedly inspired the Zip-Zagger. AK spray-art on each! We put together a demo and have been backhand-slappying curbs like Cassavetes.

Mandalas and Christensons this week, stay chuned...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Like Bombed Out Berlin

A colorful batch of fins arrived from TrueAmes: Greenough, Frye, Velzy, Rich, L-flex, Yater, Young, Heritage, too many to mention. The window is looking extra viiiiiiiiibrant.

Stocking fins in anticipation of the Christenson log, twin keels/quad fish and Mandala stubbies/quad fish scheduled to arrive this week!

More books from Last Gasp on the way: Beautiful Losers, Rick Griffin, Surf Movie 2nite!...

Stay chuned for our board of the month series. An homage to surf history/kulture/design. We'll begin by exploring the quiver of John Schultz, a longtime NY style-master, Jazz/Dub/Roots DJ, Fragale confidante, and Sunday employee. Certain to stoke out older seakats, collectors, and restless youttts.

The Feast of San G is on, Johnny Boy and Joey Clams in full effect...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Kids Of A Green Room

Izzy Paskowitz and micro-grom inna LB Surfers Healing style
*fotos by Nicole Valentino

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Willing Suspension Of Disbelief

Brady Hollahide in haus handplanting

Joe Fahlconehay's Mandala RPQ as seen in the area of Man-Holio

Q-fish for Dutch-Master

Senor Da Fooey inna NY State O'Mind

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stormy Sunshine

September 11th is just a fucked up date. Anniversary's aside, I had to put my cat Billie (Holiday) down last nite. Cancer had gotten the best of her and she was no longer able to breathe properly. Cat-like with delicate looks but a total little doggie personality, greeting you at the door while eating chicken bones from the garbage. She is love.

Cats rock and so does Moonlight. Just got an email from Sally of Moonlight and Moonkitty fame, a box of Mandala's were shipped today and should arrive next week! Stay tuned.

But wait there's one more tiddy, a few minutes later a birdie told me that two boxes of Christensons were in tranist, one with twin keel and quad fish and the second with longboards and C-Buckets. The phone just fell...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years Later

RIP respect M. Vernon Kiefer, one crazy ass mofo whose dayjob was driving an ambulance on Guy Lombardo and shittily died too young in 2001. They ran his foto this morn on the memorial, homeboy in W.Hemper tuff-guy mode. Represent! Always classic on the streets, Mafia Dom's pool, or the West Crew. Bless Up!

A bit of storm and stress today though a bit of a wave yesterday. DVD's and Books arrived a few minutes ago. Rainy day kine up in here. So many DVD's they won't fit in the case! Some new titles and re-stocks:

North Shore
Point Break
Big Wednesday
Cosmic Children (Jepson)
The Golden Breed (Dale Davis)
A Sea For Yourself (Jepson)
Free and Easy VHS* (Mac-Freeman)
Supersession (Jepson)
Pump (Billabong)
Filthy Habits (Billabong)
Surf Into Summer (Billabong)
Morning Of The Earth (Falzon)
Occumentary (McCoy)
Bali High (Spaulding) features footy of NY legend Rick Rasmussen
Scratching The Surface (Brayer)
Longboarder (Jepson)
We Got Surf (Jepson)
Many Classic Moments (Capo)
The Far Shore (Schnell, Naughton, Peterson)

Don't forget to read:
Thomas Campbell: Sing Ding Aling
Barry McGee: Things Are Getting Better
Margaret Kilgallen: In The Sweet Bye & Bye

Monday, September 10, 2007

Nothing To Do But Shred All Day

A mate just called from the beach:
"Town is waist to chest with the occasional shoulder high set, lined up but inconsistent. Country is a foot overhead, slightly onshore and closing out with four guys out and a lot of water moving around. Should've brought the 6'6 but fuck it, I have nothing else to do but shred all day."

Read books when not shredding:
Dora Lives
Surfers Code (Shaun Tomson)
Essential Surfing

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wild In The Streets

Yo what up son Irving Street Posssssee in full effect!?
(A.Ron Rust-Tang Hubbard, Honey Bear, Mason bleu, Mattson mustard, Mattson chocolate, Mani Wels)

Jam With Jah

Yesterday's Monster Island block party was a huge success and not because it was written up in the Times! Plein aire vibes, wine-cheeseburgers and crucial music. When Jam Division (featuring Chris of Jah Division, Kayrock of Roxy Paine and others) opened their set with dissonant-dubby-experimentation, four sundress-n-heels ladies turned their backs and approached the bbq. Requesting hot dogs, one remarked how every time she comes to Brooklyn she hears the worst music and wants to hang herself. Sounds sexy, huh? Jam Division continued to blaze fatalist renditions of surfy rock with Big A little a, Robot Death Cult, and Golden Triangle slaying the crowd in the shorey!

Photographer/film-maker Michael Halsband dropped off copies of Surf Movie and Surf Book. Movie documents the ins-n-outs of Joel Tudor's ability with cameos by Wayne Lynch, Slater, Jack Johnson, Beau Young and a beautifully meditative score by Richard Fortus. Book is a photographic collection of surfing luminaries as curated by Tudor and his love of history. Tom Morey behind the kit, Bud Browne from the porch, George Downing in color...

On the subject of serious kine kulture, Studio One/Sip A Cup singer Judah Eskender Tafari will be at the Leopard Lounge 2Nite backed by the Black Redemption Sound System, featuring Ras Kush, King Alpha, and Dubstar.

Sunday September 9th



9pm @ Leopard Lounge
85 2nd Ave (@ 5th St.) NYC
F train to 2nd Ave, 6 train to Astor Pl.


Soon Come:
MC Bonzers are at Moonlight
Danny Hess quad-fish

Friday, September 7, 2007

Clear with Color

Mad Jerz heads in da haus! Jet1A rolled up with his dog Iggy, bought a couple of socks, inspected the 5'9" Faktion quad and puffed a cigar on the deck while noting Bubbie's Mandala single. About an hour later, Jerz rocker Mark Tesi, ex vocal-guitarist of the Trans megetti and husband of Julie Goldstein stopped by on his way home. A couple of Yoohoo's later were driving across the bridge to Bubbie's opening. Much respect yo! Enjoy the new Tyler.

Rumours of war, rumours of wavos...

If you're in Kalifornia go the the Festivus and see Rock-N-Roll Windansea, this neat little film RK put together from the early 80's. Not for the timid.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wave Cowboys


6'8" * 7'0" * 7'6"*8'10" ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
"With a rounded bottom and pinched rails the board rolls over onto its rail and cuts through the water. The fin is based on a Greenough flex concept and when you combine the knifey rails with a flexible fin that builds and then releases tension as the board changes direction, it feels like you're driving through the water rather than merely skimming on top of it."

-Marc Andreini discussing hull design (TSJ Volume 15, #2)

These are user-friendly super-refined hulls which can be surfed off the tail and shredded on in 2-12ft+?? For some the 8'10" is a triple-o'head Ocean Beach go-to. I once overheard a woman say that while she doesn't necessarily like surfing she loves surfing her Andreini. Don't be scared

DVD's Back in Stock:
-Glass Love

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

To Being Beautiful

Typing to the Red-Eyed Legends this AM, lots cooking down below. Chris 'Bubbie' Gentile's new show, "Photographs" opens Thursday night at Jeff Bailey gallery in Chelsea (511 W. 25th St, #207). Certain to be a hit of the Bruce Lee kine, a number of the prints have already sold. Eh no hype brah, just straight up alchemical vibes!

The Andreini Vaqueros de las olas were picked up from the Haut Shop in Santa Cruz last week and should be arriving tomorrow or Thursday. There are four and we've already been getting calls from Oregon about them. For more info on Marc check 'The Liddle Hull Tribe' piece in The Surfer's Journal Volume 15, Number 2. Great historical insight by the Wave Cowboy himself along with musings by Mr. Fineline, Brian Hilbers.

Saturday the 8th 2-10pm is the Monster Island Music Festival Block Party, featuring live bands, food, open studios, and all types of bric-a-brac fun. Mollusk will be bbq-ing on the loading dock/stage, doing burgers and dogs for meat, non-meat, and sin-eaters alike:

"A block party aimed at sensory overload, with 7 band performances, film and A/V screenings, a building wide group installation, open studios, a cookout at Mollusk Surf Shop and an art sale in the clouds."

Sounds by:
Big A little a (8 to 9pm)
Golden Triangle (7 to 8pm)
Robot Death Cult
Oneida, Awesome color, Ex Models, Jah Division Jam Session
Tiger Streifen
Dynasty Electric

...Waves Olas Vagues


Monday, September 3, 2007

Sorting Out Space

early Chicken Shapes Mate

Original ripper Chris Fay reppin hi-tops on da boards

scratched kontact sheet scanned for seek right

davo dee w/mid-80's Rusty

always nice to duck dive

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Kaught by BVD's Kamera...Unsound mob-shredders Gleason and Chicken, Executive Towers John and a Harvest-Mooned Petrocelli

Man in the crowd

Dutchie Neptune Hustlin

Phil Flood of Swift sent this shot of Bob Mitzven crafting China Ty's 6'6" quad. A few weeks earlier, China had broken the fin off his Canyon twin keel while doing a bottom turn one morning...a slice of genius perhaps. After a new nickname, chronic abuse, at one point being told that riding a china board was the same as wearing diapers China Ty put in an order with legendary San Diego shaper Bob Mitzven.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Don't F--K With Them

curious Maurice Cole quote in Carson/Stecyk's SURF CULTURE:

"Think about what you are doing. The surfing industry rests on the shoulders of a couple of thousand craftsmen worldwide. A lot of these guys have spent years grinding out miserable existences just so they can surf. Beware of embracing anything that threatens the livelihood of dedicated individuals like these. They are the sport. Don't f--k with them."

...a few paragraphs later there was this one by Tom Blake:

"Ignore all of it and just go bodysurfing."

Saturday September 1, 2007
Good Vibes Promotions presents.


The best in Roots Reggae & Dubwise with no compromise.

featuring BLACK REDEMPTION SOUNDS OF PRAISES + special guests singers and players.
10 pm @
the Lucky Cat-
245 Grand street bet. Driggs & Roebling (Williamsburg) Brooklyn, NY