Saturday, September 15, 2007

Like Bombed Out Berlin

A colorful batch of fins arrived from TrueAmes: Greenough, Frye, Velzy, Rich, L-flex, Yater, Young, Heritage, too many to mention. The window is looking extra viiiiiiiiibrant.

Stocking fins in anticipation of the Christenson log, twin keels/quad fish and Mandala stubbies/quad fish scheduled to arrive this week!

More books from Last Gasp on the way: Beautiful Losers, Rick Griffin, Surf Movie 2nite!...

Stay chuned for our board of the month series. An homage to surf history/kulture/design. We'll begin by exploring the quiver of John Schultz, a longtime NY style-master, Jazz/Dub/Roots DJ, Fragale confidante, and Sunday employee. Certain to stoke out older seakats, collectors, and restless youttts.

The Feast of San G is on, Johnny Boy and Joey Clams in full effect...

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