Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are You Experienced?

As promised we'll be doing monthly in-store exhibits exploring various phases of surfboard design and culture. At first we were gonna do something called "Three New York Shapers" but wound up hanging that trippy Chuck Dent flex-fin over the weekend which got us thinking about 1967 and the Transition Era. NY stylist and collector, John 'Dubstar' Schultz was then contacted about his inter-quiver loan policy. Stoked on the idea he brought in a bevy of tranny era shapes, heaps of energy to climb ladders, tie knots, and read the Leroy Grannis book aloud in German.

The boards are hung and the opening will be Tuesday October 2nd at 8pm, same night as the SURF MOVIE Reels: 1-14 screening.


Nuno said...
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Nuno said...

Hey Mike, we’re talking about stealing and the little knife we’re using hanging the boards mysteriously appeared In my pocket when I got home, hahaha

I’ll bring it next time I pass by the shop.

Shipworm&Gribble said...

that knife opens surfboard boxes, cuts limes, and works as a dart from time to time. wtf yo!? next time steal that bulkley blade!