Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years Later

RIP respect M. Vernon Kiefer, one crazy ass mofo whose dayjob was driving an ambulance on Guy Lombardo and shittily died too young in 2001. They ran his foto this morn on the memorial, homeboy in W.Hemper tuff-guy mode. Represent! Always classic on the streets, Mafia Dom's pool, or the West Crew. Bless Up!

A bit of storm and stress today though a bit of a wave yesterday. DVD's and Books arrived a few minutes ago. Rainy day kine up in here. So many DVD's they won't fit in the case! Some new titles and re-stocks:

North Shore
Point Break
Big Wednesday
Cosmic Children (Jepson)
The Golden Breed (Dale Davis)
A Sea For Yourself (Jepson)
Free and Easy VHS* (Mac-Freeman)
Supersession (Jepson)
Pump (Billabong)
Filthy Habits (Billabong)
Surf Into Summer (Billabong)
Morning Of The Earth (Falzon)
Occumentary (McCoy)
Bali High (Spaulding) features footy of NY legend Rick Rasmussen
Scratching The Surface (Brayer)
Longboarder (Jepson)
We Got Surf (Jepson)
Many Classic Moments (Capo)
The Far Shore (Schnell, Naughton, Peterson)

Don't forget to read:
Thomas Campbell: Sing Ding Aling
Barry McGee: Things Are Getting Better
Margaret Kilgallen: In The Sweet Bye & Bye

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