Friday, September 7, 2007

Clear with Color

Mad Jerz heads in da haus! Jet1A rolled up with his dog Iggy, bought a couple of socks, inspected the 5'9" Faktion quad and puffed a cigar on the deck while noting Bubbie's Mandala single. About an hour later, Jerz rocker Mark Tesi, ex vocal-guitarist of the Trans megetti and husband of Julie Goldstein stopped by on his way home. A couple of Yoohoo's later were driving across the bridge to Bubbie's opening. Much respect yo! Enjoy the new Tyler.

Rumours of war, rumours of wavos...

If you're in Kalifornia go the the Festivus and see Rock-N-Roll Windansea, this neat little film RK put together from the early 80's. Not for the timid.

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