Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wave Cowboys


6'8" * 7'0" * 7'6"*8'10" ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
"With a rounded bottom and pinched rails the board rolls over onto its rail and cuts through the water. The fin is based on a Greenough flex concept and when you combine the knifey rails with a flexible fin that builds and then releases tension as the board changes direction, it feels like you're driving through the water rather than merely skimming on top of it."

-Marc Andreini discussing hull design (TSJ Volume 15, #2)

These are user-friendly super-refined hulls which can be surfed off the tail and shredded on in 2-12ft+?? For some the 8'10" is a triple-o'head Ocean Beach go-to. I once overheard a woman say that while she doesn't necessarily like surfing she loves surfing her Andreini. Don't be scared

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FREERIDE said...

Rode my 7'9" today. Some of the most enjoyable sessions I have had are on my Owl hulls. I am looking for a stubbie shaped by Marc. Any Help? Surf On Jdub.

Shipworm&Gribble said...

what size?

christopher said...

just rodde my 6'8" VAQUERO for the first time yesterday in weak knee to waist onshore mush and had a really fun session. I've been on a 6'3", 7'6",6'10" and 9'6" before and they all work great. the bigger boards are so fast..trimming speed..then the stubbies have so much drive for a single 6'8" seems to be somewhere inbetwween. Even when i had a 15 foot long section of a face on the wave i could get 2 pumps and be flying(only to end up out running the slop i was on!) I'm hooked..can't wait to get it in some clean stuff!
2 mandala marc inspired stubs comming real soon to the shop! I think a 5'9" and 5'11"