Monday, September 24, 2007

Lieutenant Becomes Casualty

International shredder/documentarian Jeremy 'Dingo' Dean stopped by for a $10 Dumont burger and 'times are tough for dreamers' conversation. Mental-money was thrown down on six diferent boards. His roomie, formerly known as China Ty (featured below) also had the burger but his hair seemed different.

Locals and Ohanas by Da Slippa are here! Hold it down in flip flops year 'round like a true Local!

Funny little clip 'bout Mollusk:

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday October 2nd, Michael Halsband's Surf Movie Reels 1-14, 8pm.
Thursday October 11th, Allan Weisbecker's "Can't You Get Along With Anyone" book signing and screening of Michael Ginthor's Zen and Zero, 8pm.


Hillevi said...

whats the screening oct 11? and how late do the screenings go... i wanna try and catch the end? hillevi

Shipworm&Gribble said...

Zen and Zero, austrian surf doc searching for inner peace, insight, and weisbecker.

Film screenings go til around 11-ish.