Friday, February 27, 2009

If Your Youth

Pac Log on the horn this morn, Josh Hall's scheduled to arrive....Monday! Stay chuned...

Funboarder Fynn came by last nite to pick-up his quality American shaped and glassed Grey Ghost funstub. He was also driving a Ford, talk about holding it down inna Americana style and slowly but slowly re-building our economy one board at a time!

Friday fish sambo and fries from Dumont

Mental serenade-sesh at Cinders Gallery last nite to honor Maya Hayuk's Sexy Gazebo show featuring the most-talented Tara Jane O'Neill, Jana Hunter, Andrew Deutsch and others...

TJO and Sexy Gazebo

Jana Hunter

TJO and Jana

Arthur mag benefit show Saturday Nite at the Market Hotel feturing MV and EE, TJO, Jana Hunter, Kid Millions' new outfit White Hills and radical others

Thursday, February 26, 2009

On the Hampster Wheel

(Poached from Karen Coppock)

The Grey Ghost was down in the Dirty picking up Funboarder Fynn's kustom 6'2-plus-1 hybrid-fun-stub? from Brian Wynn. Yo Blackpool come thru!

RFK Jr. inbound from Maspeth (Bobby Suqhacoq left)

Mad marinara arvo wave flavor!

Casual Neal sent these from tour hiatus in NZed...

-Josh Hall's manana?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shell Du Sel

Aforementioned Josh Halls in transit from Moonlight: 5'7 keel, 5'10 keel (Mark Fu's baby), 6'3 quad and a 7'1 quad. Friday arvo steez?

Bunch of DVD re-stocks came in yesterday: 5'5 x 19 1/4, 5'5 Redux, Seaworthy, Perch, One Track Mind, Sliding Liberia, Inner Most Limits of Pure Fun and a new from Down Unda called Home.

Also, Neal Casal aka Casual Neal of the Cardinals brought by copies of new his solo album 'Roots and Wings.' Stay chuned for an upcoming in-store!

Unknown gentleman and Micro-Ant gift purchase

Homegrown eggplant, garlic and basil goodness from the Kidman-Lockwood farm of OZ. Homeboy is Scottish but rolls deep with the Cross Bay Blvd italians and def knows whatsup!

Tom Croose of Worst Friends came by with test-pressings of the new 12-inch done up the block at HitBound. So dope...

Neil keeping the Forest in Hills and framed Glider prints above the couch!

Blackpool practicing his drop-knee turns Out West

Couple mysto ones from Up North courtesy of Tino Vinto

Nite Rider Mary is known for charging double-overhead Windansea in a kelp skirt on a deep-blue tinted Frye fish Simmons...HB FOR REALZ!

-Submissions for the 2009 New York Surf Film Festival are being accepted. Details HERE!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Shimmy Shimmy Yo

BIG UPS to everyone who repped Saturday Nite for the Surfy Foto Show! Great to see the old school mingling with pre-school and the grad school inna full blown community showdown.

For prints please contact the fotogs directly-
Mr. Clark :
Mr. Brull :
Mr. Snapwater :

Matt Clark starting it off

Mr. and Mrs. Glider came early with wine and vitamin water?!?

Tommy No Hands aka Tommy Clocks hanging high b/c he's just THAT difficult to read

Bobby Pauls came thru earls reppin' Brooklyn and Queens, DA and there...

Jah Bless burnin' Babylon w/truth and rights...

Dubstar from the counter to the tables

We flew Johnny HA in from the Hills

Clams showing off the new Grey Ghost exhaust courtesy of Deebo

Kris Kaiser looking more and more like Popeye

The one and only Eel!

Mikey VW down from the CTCOUNTRY

Baldhead Deebo and Bless Up

Tony Alva chatting up some suburban hipster foto-dad!

HB or nuthin!?

A little dinner intermission at the Beer Garden

-4 Josh Halls in transit from Moonlight scheduled to arrive...Friday?