Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pickles and Sauerkraut

Happy Birthday Jah Jah Bless! OG-HB executive division on more rooftops than soda pop tops...

JB's Casper-inspired balsa project. Good look respect to Simmons, Elwell, Bauguess, RK and Geppy...

Piper and Inga came by for 1mm XCEL reef booties to take to Panama and needed some HB before heading out to Newark. Have a seeeeeek trip!

World Inferno Raja came by earlier whispering about secret Centro-ledges, a Sunday departure and the much coveted 7'1 Tom Parrish thruster. Indeed surfing is psychological!

Club Concrete and TP tail-action

Beneath the High Bridge

Beneath the shop: MV and EE w/the singer from Woods on drums

For the stoned at heart

Henry and Hermann love to watch birds in the morning but unfortunately aren't allowed to leave the house......yet.


-Congratulations to Funboarder Fynn on the birth of his SON Zane! Another cutback to watch out for.....

-Surfy Foto Xhib featuring the work of Tommy Snapwater, Matt Clark, Jack Brull and two short films from Toddy Stewart this Saturday Feb. 21st at Secret Project Robot, 6-10pm sharp!

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