Monday, February 23, 2009

Shimmy Shimmy Yo

BIG UPS to everyone who repped Saturday Nite for the Surfy Foto Show! Great to see the old school mingling with pre-school and the grad school inna full blown community showdown.

For prints please contact the fotogs directly-
Mr. Clark :
Mr. Brull :
Mr. Snapwater :

Matt Clark starting it off

Mr. and Mrs. Glider came early with wine and vitamin water?!?

Tommy No Hands aka Tommy Clocks hanging high b/c he's just THAT difficult to read

Bobby Pauls came thru earls reppin' Brooklyn and Queens, DA and there...

Jah Bless burnin' Babylon w/truth and rights...

Dubstar from the counter to the tables

We flew Johnny HA in from the Hills

Clams showing off the new Grey Ghost exhaust courtesy of Deebo

Kris Kaiser looking more and more like Popeye

The one and only Eel!

Mikey VW down from the CTCOUNTRY

Baldhead Deebo and Bless Up

Tony Alva chatting up some suburban hipster foto-dad!

HB or nuthin!?

A little dinner intermission at the Beer Garden

-4 Josh Halls in transit from Moonlight scheduled to arrive...Friday?


Orange Juice in the Morning said...

Do yo know what style of sliders are coming; Loggs, fishies

Mr. Lentini said...

DB looking sweet