Thursday, March 31, 2011

Walkie Talkie

The latest TSJ 20.2 arrived on our doorstep today...

Speaking of The Journal, often contributing cartoonist and illustrator Peter Spacek dropped by Mollusk this week and signed over a copy of his latest book "Surf and Mirth." Look for shop copies soon that hilariously depict beach life, beach people, birds, bird watchers, bubs, city people, clams, clammers, deer, dogs, ducks, dudes, the fabulous, fish, fishing, fisherman, hunters, the hunted, kids, kooks, law enforcement, locals, nature, nature lovers, posers, realtors, sporties, surfers, surfing, the faves, the have nots, ticks, tourist, turkeys, wannabees, waterman, weekenders, weekend warriors, yahoos and yuppies...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Japan Relief Raffle

Here's your chance to win a 9'9 Michel Junod and T.Moe collaboration Pignar!

Mollusk NYC is raffling off 100 tickets at $40 a pop to donate to the American Red Cross Relief in Japan. Tickets are going quick, so make sure you get a chance at the board and donate to those in need! Not exclusive to the NY area, you can buy a ticket over the phone yo...

Friday, March 25, 2011

A QP of I'cense

Pardon any disturbances on the Verrazano Bridge this AM, as 1010 WINS reported a Honda Accord U-turning and going in the wrong direction of traffic...

 Well worth it for a few early morning pulses...

Former author of Shipworm and full time uptown believer and people's champ, KLM offering up a P.S.A. for the folks of Gotham city...

In lieu of the tragedy overseas in Japan, our friend Yo-Yo has offered up a zine with recipes on cooking seaweed which is known to help combat human contact with radiation. A donation box is in the shop and a copy of the zine comes along with what ever contribution you can give. If your in the hood swing by and show you support.

And to the night revelers out there, it's Annunciation Day, and we're having a party. Strictly posi vibes, Community Service styles!

P.S. Literally as I write this, I went out to the loading dock to flip my suit inside out to dry and noticed it was stolen! I guess BK still ain't safe! Free bar of wax and a set wave to any one that has info on it's whereabouts (Xcel drylock MT)....


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dolphin Dance

Petro will be in the house Wednesday to drop off / pick up ding repair.  

* Stay tuned for spring event dates dropping soon * 


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When The Lion Roars

A wave, not in New York.

In New York though, is Pret-A-Surf. Mollusk NYC just received the dapped out 2011 summer line. Here are a few of the styles.

Our hearts go out to those affected by the devistation in Japan. A Downtown Top Rankin' event tommrow night to help the victims. If you are in the hood please come out and show your Aloha.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Petro dropped off a batch all patched up and all are itchin' to get back in the water.


USED 6'2" Keel $375

Friday, March 4, 2011

You May Ask Yourself, How Did I Get Here?

Mollusk NYC is now on facebook. Become a homie here

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Thank god for Surfline. Taken from the underbelly on the same day online reports were calling for poor 1-2 foot conditions. I wonder how those HD cams work? For desk jockeys only.....

To all the hounds out there, I'm sure you have been waiting by your mailbox and seen the issue. But for the rest of the world, this years SI swimsuit issue features Basta swimwear donned by the models around the globe. Can't promise the models will in the shop, but we have the Basta 2011 line in the shop in all sizes and various colorways...

More on the shop front, March madness has kicked off with ALL XCEL STEAMERS now... 

30% Off!!!
30% Off!!!
30% Off!!!

And it gets better, these two twin keels from Kookbox are up for grabs....

5'7X 20 3/4 X 2 3/4 ....$850
5'9 X 21 X 2 7/8 .... $800

Used but never abused, a 9'4 Bing. Glassed on single fin which may have a hint of Al Knost influence in it from when him and Bing maybe had a possible courtship going.... or so I was told. $700.