Monday, August 31, 2009

Brooklyn Is Not Expanding

Ill waves this weekend, praises to the working man...

Most people don't realize that Tommy Snapwater surfs as well as anyone he points his camera at. Homeboy demonstrates...

Big Ups to Jon Wegener for taking the time and energy with the Alaia demo on Sunday. Conditions were a bit hectic for finless surfing (don't tell that to DH nor RK) but way more fun than getting dropped in on while shredding ya 6'0 thruster. Humble yourself son and swim more. He left this one with us and two blanks to make your own. Tuff Respect!

Tabula Rasa

Small kine batch of Andreini's JOJ...

5'10 2-plus-1 Stub shredder!

6'0 Andreini 2-plus-1 Bullet Stub

Roman John's Kustom

Bubbie's NYC Pinner

This one crept thru too....A 9'6 Larry Mayo Soft-tail

Scrub it Kook!

Creek Fish going fasssssssssst...

Annie Hall BK stills...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Keepin It Cool Ranch

Prodigal sons....guess who?

Some place in New England last weekend. Pix courtesy of Chris Thompson

The Eel and Matt Costa enjoying themselves to the MAX!

Heading home...

-ALAIA demo with Wegener Ohana Sunday at 90th Street, 7am. If the crowd is too hectic look for us down on 67th Street.
-Andy Kessler Memorial Paddle Out Sunday at 90th Street, 9am.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reach Out For Love

Check Jah Bless and Funboarder Fynn gettin nice on TV!

Couple from the weekend by Thomas J. Colla and Snapwater

Michael Halsband
is showing new work this weekend out east. Represent!

-Jon Wegener ALAIA demo Friday at Ditch Plains 10am and Sunday at 90th Street, 7am FREE!
-Andy Kessler Memorial Paddle in Rock will go off at 9am. RIPPER-RESPECT!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fixed Windows

Epic waves this weekend from our man Double Oh Bill, hope everyone got jazzed. The Belly Jelly is in full force!

Saturday on the Western front

Grom in the froth

In Queens with the teens

Hunter's 6'3 Fineline McCopy as seen in Queens

Little Wings peepin girls in Queens

Sunday morning in Nasshole County

Jim Cook sent these from Suffake steez

RI on Sunday courtesy of Bubbie

Bonzer time!

Carlos more Shredworthy than ever

TP inna magic hour

*Jon Wegener will be holding an Alaia demo this Sunday in Rockaway at 90th Street, 7am. FREE!