Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fixed Windows

Epic waves this weekend from our man Double Oh Bill, hope everyone got jazzed. The Belly Jelly is in full force!

Saturday on the Western front

Grom in the froth

In Queens with the teens

Hunter's 6'3 Fineline McCopy as seen in Queens

Little Wings peepin girls in Queens

Sunday morning in Nasshole County

Jim Cook sent these from Suffake steez

RI on Sunday courtesy of Bubbie

Bonzer time!

Carlos more Shredworthy than ever

TP inna magic hour

*Jon Wegener will be holding an Alaia demo this Sunday in Rockaway at 90th Street, 7am. FREE!


Rude said...

Captain Shipworm,

Any word on what Breezy Point is like during Bill's visit?

Franco S. Boroughs said...

see ya in costa!

JAS said...

oh yeh werd... plank demo. It's supposed to be good again this weekend too. Might have to check this out.

ShipwormAndGribble said...

if you ain't irish it's always flat in breezy!