Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ma Fia, Ma Fia!

Epic waves this weekend! Hope ya'll got kissed by the South...

Gimme liberty or gimme little oyster island lefts!

Boards galore up in HERE!

USED 6'7 Campbell Brothers Bonzer-5 ($575)

8'1 Andreini VAQUERO ($850)

7'2 Kustom for Mo

7'4 Andreini VAQUERO ($850)

A bevy of Bulkley shredders: (L to R) 6'0, 6'2, 6'5 and 6'4

Kustom 8'1 balsa Vaquero for La Piscina Negra

G-Money and 6'4 Junod P-seed

Kookbox diamond twin destined for Out East

Nutha Mayo out the dough like a morning bagel

Homeboy's bro is Mr. Swaylocks. 6'5 Creek fish, think he knows his stuff?

Pendoflex and Rainbow, San Diego quad cousins

HB television re-inacted...

Mason 2HBF, no sign needed!

KF and Summer Rain enjoying the arvo

Little Wing blowing up a Paul Gross mat

Devotion and Lucas buying boards?

The Spacone Trio featuring Bubz, Clams and J-HA

Motorino pies courtesy of F. Mezzogiorno Boros

Outta pasta but never potatoes nor clams

KLM afternoon bang (1pm version) MHS foto

The Wire Still


buttons said...

"the human sun dial"

Mr. Lentini said...

paul gross mats--sign me up please

Franco S. Boroughs said...

a proper 2 pm tap, fly high the KLM way

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Yeah! We're stoked on Paul's 4th Gear Flyer matts, we each have one and they're tons of fun. And thanks for posting the pic of the Pendoflex.

LESider said...

I got the same "classic" mat from paul, thing rocks out in the onshore mush!

dorado said...

thats a turn !!!! sick lip blast

dorado said...

thats a turn !!!! sick lip blast

Mick said...

I think mc needs to see that hit mike

Kris Chatterson said...

The Wire is awesome!