Friday, August 21, 2009

Teatro Massimo

The legend of Hard Body and Kess continue...

Florida Dale and new Bulkley shredder ret for the weekend, are you?

J-HA was born ret!

Tino burger partially explained

S and B the pride of Poland!

You still sportin glasses?

Zane is a shredder name and punting is SEEEEEEEEEEK!

If yer in Rock this Saturday peep the Shake Out show:
Saturday August 22, 2009
1:00 -9:00 p.m.
192 Beach 96th street, Rockaway Beach, NY


Alex Miller
Blain Vandenberg
Cat Chow
Dana Bell
Grant Worth
Kyle Field
M.V. Carbon
Robbie McDonald
Scott Hug
Taketo Shimada
Wyatt Kahn


"The Victim" - a 15 minute performance by Jeffery-Elaine Shotvenberger


Revival Times
Little Wings
Lazaro Valiente
Wet Ropes

DJ- Melly D

Have a great weekend, Huey will be reppin full force. GO SURFING!

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When your not exercising the body,
exercise the mind.