Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Simster Grows in Brooklyn

For the past couple weeks or so, local wood butcher Mark E would pay daily visits to the shop that usually lasted five minutes or so. He would spend his time eyeing up and feeling the contours of the Simster we have in the shop. At first I thought he might be interested in one and was mulling over the purchase, but when I asked if he was thinking of getting one he just replied "No, I plan on making one... out of wood." More visits ensued and some would be filled with jubilant reports of progress and others recently were filled with sighs and disappointment. " Ah, I blew it" was the last update on the board.

After weeks of no surf, Mark E finally got a chance to test out his craft in peaky chest high surf. Wide eyed he returned from the surf "The board is unreal!" he exclaimed. Obviously his original skepticism  was rooted in a craftsman being critical of his work.

Reveling in the past moments of stoke, Mark E was reciting some interesting reports on the board. Fast being one of them, responsive, and the capability of turns not previously imagined the board would be able to generate. Also, the construction of the board is noteworthy.A foam core with a plywood skin and assorted wood scraps from his shop and no fiberglass. 

Stoked on this home grown project springing up within the boroughs of NY. The finish product is quite impressive. Nailing many of the minute details that constitute a modern day planning hull. Be inspired, be creative, ride anything, no right way... just your way!  


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have a look..Thursday night

New in the Neighborhood

Hard to believe this is a 10 min walk away....
I bet Kess would be stoked on the bowl.. although maybe its not deep enough!

| House of Vans |

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Monday, October 25, 2010

Next door tonight at Secret Project Robot!

Animal Collective member Dave Portner a.k.a. Avey Tare is releasing his first solo record, called Down There...
There's an installation by Abby Portner, comedians and dj's Brad Truax, Josh from Animal Collective and Brian from Gang Gang Dance...
should be good fun.

Hope to see you!


Desperate times....

The lack of surf the past couple of weeks has us thinking time there's nothing ridable for more than 5 days, we're hosting an NES T&C invitational surf contest on the tanks.
Winner takes home a pair of size 54 Birdwells and a vintage Schroff sticker..

More TK...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Used Kook Box

Joel Tudor's personal board, 9'4" "Son Of Sam" shaped by Wayne Rich, volain glass with custom heel dent by the man him self.

Monday, October 18, 2010

*Change of Venue*


Stoked & Broke w/guest speaker Richard Kenvin has been moved to TRIBECA GRAND HOTEL

The Grand Screen
2 Avenue of the Americas
1, A, C, E to Canal

10/20/10 8pm $20

Advance Tix:

Friday, October 15, 2010

Play Your Cards Close

Thanks to the diligence of the geek squad here at mollusk, we finally got around to updating the site with our slew of boards that are currently residing in the shop and hopefully one day will be taken home and given a warm and loving da pit!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Deep roots surf history next Wednesday 10/20/10 8pm on the Grand Screen Theater at TRIBECA GRAND HOTEL...
Surf Movie 2Nite is pleased to announce a special screening of "Stoked and Broke" by Cyrus Sutton (Riding Waves, Under the Sun) on Wednesday October 20, 2010 8pm at TRIBECA GRAND HOTEL. The screening will be preceded by a seminar on planing hulls by surf historian Richard Kenvin with a slideshow by photographer Ryan Field.

"Stoked and Broke," a Staycation Surfari Epic on Zero Dollars…

Making their own boards, bamboo rickshaws, solar cookers, and hobo stoves, surfers Ryan Burch and Cyrus Sutton set off on a thirty mile, eight day walk through San Diego, CA. But what begins as a guide to taking a minimalist surfing journey, quickly becomes an examination of freedom vs alienation. Starring: San Diego, Ryan Burch, Cyrus Sutton, Richard Kenvin, Lucas Dirkse, Eric Snortum, Glen Horn, Roberta Horn and Kneeboard Steve. Soundtrack by The Blank Tapes and Mike McCarthy

Mr. Kenvin's seminar "Planing Totems: 1948-Now" will explore the roots of planing hulls via naval architect Lindsay Lord, early hawaiian paipo and alaia designs, Bob Simmons dual fins, the 'mini' Simmons, the Steve Lis fish and recent closed cell foam experiments. A small quiver of boards will be on hand for viewing.

Tix avail at the door or in advance here...

Anchors Aweigh

Just like the good old neighborhood days when cigarettes were sold out of trunks of cars and cement shoes were fashioned more than Top-sider's, we got a batch of Fineline's that came off the truck...

7'6 x 21 3/8 x 2 13/16
7'2 x 21 1/8 x 2 11/16
6'6 x 20 3/4 x 2 13/16 2 +1
6'3 x 20 1/2 x 2 11/ 16 2 + 1
...Petro is coming to town this week, so drop off any boards for ding repair you may want touched up. For the adventurous type, we also have ding repair kits in the shop. Take heed to those doing repairs in small studios as the ventilation and lighting maybe an issue...

An interesting detailed note on an outgoing repair, not necessary but helpful...
12- 8 daily.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For those looking to chow down on Rockaway Taco's delicious grinds, the kind folks are hosting a fundraising feast this evening at the Eagle Street rooftop farm btw Franklin & West Street in Greenpoint Brooklyn from 6:30 - 9:00 pm. Mucho donations welcome. No alligator arms! RSVP:

Friday, October 8, 2010

"Be Mindfull"

The Empire State has been enjoying a stretch of waves over the past week...

...a quiet left to wash the soot of the city off on. Photo: HA

The Ether Illuminati with a few curious names on the list...

One of it's members appearing down here on River Street...

 accreditation to a used 6'8 Stewart thrustah.

F.O.B. from the Brother's Campbell a slew of fresh Bonzers.

A 6'6 jammy for A.P.C. John

How are those lams? 80's, 90's, 2000! What!

7'4 eggplant for Jaya

7'2 Smurff

6'6 Slate- r

River Street has a new night watchman...

... keeping a vigilant eye on all those that pass by.

12-8 daily.

Monday, October 4, 2010


With a fresh stack of T.S.J.'s in the shop, a flip through the pages turned up a profile on RK's domicile...

... that caught our attention with this quote. In short RK, we await your arrival.

Down on the water front, a River Street style beach clean-up lead by the usual two guards on duty.

K.L.M. in a civic duty fashion...

At the time of print we couldn't get an exact location, but Mollusk jet setter Ty Hunny left us instead with a rather cryptic message...

Been around the world
And we been playa hated
and I don't know why
they want us hated
I don't know why they hate us
Is it our ladies?
Or I drive Mercedes
Bay-bee bay-BEE!

A rainy day special, straight from the Aloha State Mr. Mark Cunningham body sliding the points of Montauk along with the cast of usual east end suspects. Can you spot the Parrish?