Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Simster Grows in Brooklyn

For the past couple weeks or so, local wood butcher Mark E would pay daily visits to the shop that usually lasted five minutes or so. He would spend his time eyeing up and feeling the contours of the Simster we have in the shop. At first I thought he might be interested in one and was mulling over the purchase, but when I asked if he was thinking of getting one he just replied "No, I plan on making one... out of wood." More visits ensued and some would be filled with jubilant reports of progress and others recently were filled with sighs and disappointment. " Ah, I blew it" was the last update on the board.

After weeks of no surf, Mark E finally got a chance to test out his craft in peaky chest high surf. Wide eyed he returned from the surf "The board is unreal!" he exclaimed. Obviously his original skepticism  was rooted in a craftsman being critical of his work.

Reveling in the past moments of stoke, Mark E was reciting some interesting reports on the board. Fast being one of them, responsive, and the capability of turns not previously imagined the board would be able to generate. Also, the construction of the board is noteworthy.A foam core with a plywood skin and assorted wood scraps from his shop and no fiberglass. 

Stoked on this home grown project springing up within the boroughs of NY. The finish product is quite impressive. Nailing many of the minute details that constitute a modern day planning hull. Be inspired, be creative, ride anything, no right way... just your way!  



Ed said...

any idea how he sealed the wood from water seeing as no fiberglass was used?

Mick said...

Pretty deft hand with a brush too. That sun is epic.