Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bubble Oh Bill

Tuff in house quiver for battling Hurricane Bill (L to R) 8'1 Tom Parrish single fin ($1250), 7'2 Danny Hess Noriega single fin ($1475), 6'3 DM3 thruster ($725), 6'4 Bonzer-5 shredder ($850) and 7'0 Bonzer-5 shredder ($875). You ret?

5'5 Rainbow/Pavel Creek Fish ($850)

5'7 Creek fish ($850)

5'9 Rainbow/Pavel Creek fish (Penske sold seperately)

5'11 Rainbow/Pavel Creek fish ($850)

NE Clark and discreet Wave Cowboy

P. Box and 7'4 Vaquero

Fu flexin wittt his Brothers Marshall

TTB Tim and 10-Oh Floating Sidewalk

Rosa's Forever


Mills Herman said...

Rosa's Shrimp Parm.

frozeropes said...

What are you asking for the 7'0" Bonzer 5?

bob said...

oh man i miss rosa's

ShipwormAndGribble said...

$875 for the seven oh bonzah