Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stormy Sunshine

September 11th is just a fucked up date. Anniversary's aside, I had to put my cat Billie (Holiday) down last nite. Cancer had gotten the best of her and she was no longer able to breathe properly. Cat-like with delicate looks but a total little doggie personality, greeting you at the door while eating chicken bones from the garbage. She is love.

Cats rock and so does Moonlight. Just got an email from Sally of Moonlight and Moonkitty fame, a box of Mandala's were shipped today and should arrive next week! Stay tuned.

But wait there's one more tiddy, a few minutes later a birdie told me that two boxes of Christensons were in tranist, one with twin keel and quad fish and the second with longboards and C-Buckets. The phone just fell...

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Chum said...

Sorry dude. Hang in there.