Friday, May 2, 2008

Shaping Super Stars

the foamscapers are arriving one by one, 'josh hall bacchanalia' as of yesterday morn, mani mandala tea w/tease just before dinner and chris r. christenson this AM. richard earl gloomenthal arrives 2nite, 3 days before the new moon...

ny fish fry(e) tomorrow 7am lincoln blvd in long beach, militant styles so don't go to bed Friday nite! (and don't burn king charlie b. nor prince albert p.)

luca brasi after-party at the shop from 7:30pm til whenever. movies such as BEYOND BLAZING BOARDS, various HYDRODYNAMICA glimpses and the derek hynd segment of LITMUS will be screened at nightfall.

step-side BBQ, cupped beverage loading dock service and overall fishy good vibes...

m o l l u s k
210 kent ave (corner of metropolitan and river street)
bk, ny 11211
L to Bedford. walk south, streets go from 7th, 6th, 5th....make a right on metropolitan and walk in the direction of the setting sun. you will find us by this river...

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