Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beijing in the Arvo

Paul Cee sent these mysto-pix from a recent trip to the Kiwi Islands. Hmm, that 5'5" Choice looks familiar? Keep Shredding PC!

Local yocals Ariel and Flaco came by w/a pogo stick which they later threw into the East River for some reason. Groms....

Some bitchin' Kyle Field drawings in the latest issue of Yeti. Intv's with Will Oldham, PG Six and others. Epic excerpts from Luc Sante's Pinakothek and a rad essay on 'hipsterdom' which got me thinking about all the glass buildings in the area...

"For a while, I was consumed by this sort of angry nostalgia, remembering the New York I knew. But now it's just gone. So I can marvel at what they're doing to the Bowery and Little Italy, putting up these pocket skyscrapers on these blocks of six-story tenements. Fuck it—let 'em do it. The more they erase my New York, the further it's emotionally removed from me, the better. Let them turn it into Beijing."

-Luc Sante Village Voice October 18, 2007.

((((((((((((((((((((((More boards on the way, here next week)))))))

-5'10" quad fish
-6'2" quad fish
-6'2" LSE (little shit egg)
-9'2" Corsair
-9'5" Avenger w/glass on fin
-9'5" Newt

-6'0" pumpkin seed single
-6'4" pumpkin seed single
-9'3" log
-9'7" log

((((((((Malcolm Campbell is in town! He'll be stopping by the shop Friday afternoon. Stay chuned for more BONZA info!))))


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Anonymous said...

the bonzers are coming the bonzers are coming!!! hang three lanterns in the church window!!!!!

AshHole said...

Manu Bay is the most fun wave I have ever seen!

fdavid said...

Digging the blue Background!

surfatsixty said...

Luc Sante, author of the classic Lower East Side book, "Low Life". My favorite line from it - "In the late 19th century, it was said that if you stood on the corner of Broadway and Houston St. and fired a shotgun in any direction, you would not hit an honest person."

Shipworm&Gribble said...

surfatsixty you have an excellent memory! love that passage...sante!