Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Disco Devil

Longshoremen and Southshoremen on the Other River but Jerz is closer than ya think!

Quite beautiful Michel Junod arrival, more pix later. (hype 9'2 Sand Dollar that will match any couch not featured)...

...and they're going fast. Check GG on his anniversary reppin proper tone!

9'9 Fineline Hi Cat dropped off at the pool and easily the finest log in the shop this shade of blue

Kess displays the foil

inna tunnel Blues Control

JahBless City of LB code violation. All checks made out to 'Reggie Nald.'

Walking tour of the original 'Little Italy' of East Harlem

Matt M-M brought this wicked Rick fish in for ding repair (apologies for the delay, Petro has been insanely busy with Faktion and Nature Shapes but is coming in mayyybe Monday, mayyyybe with thin shortboard rail not unlike a certain Lis fish whose 'shredder foil' subsequently sold two other Beefsteaks...Mental.


Rude said...

Please, tell me, what is your definition of "Hard Body"?
I do imagine the meaning but I am doing you, and myself as well, a disfavor if I just assumed. Its best that I understood you 100%.


Rude said...

I forgot to add. I love your blog. It is like the cotton crotch pad of Gwyneth Paltrow's panty hose.

- RudeHawk

Hye Tyde said...

Charming, RudeHawk ;) - But seriously, your latest batch here is intensity in ten cities, live @ budokan, and get yer yy ya's out all in one. I hope you Summer's goin' good.

ShipwormAndGribble said...

thanks for reading Rude and for your insightful words

Mr. Lentini said...

I love watching kess display