Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Funboards of Gowanus

Hazy hot and humid here inna Nacht Ville w/just enough swell to take it town the line and maybe fit in a turn or two. No complaints from the wrkn mns...

Lotta boards came in this week and a whole lotta rain too. Couple of Gemini's side by side, four personalities in all. AA Goggans sold seperately!

7'6 Fineline eggy single for this gentleman's lady who was rather shy and did not wish to be photographed

TK-5 with 9'2 Campbell Brothers EB-5. His wife picked up the phone when I called to notify him that his board was here and almost seemed more stoked than he did! Stoked that he was stoked, perhaps stoked b/c it was a bonzer. A seemingly welcome change from the usual 'I have to pay cash so my wife won't know/I only get clear boards so my wife can't tell the difference/If my wife finds out that I bought another board she'll divorce me' riddims!

Simon Stache's roomie who also sports a stache and now a 6'6 Campbell Bros Russ Short. Stache Bros represent!

Foiled fun from from Mr. Gary Hanel and the Moonlight Crew

6'6 Hanel 5-fin

6'2 Hanel quad

7'2 Hanel 5-fin

5'10 Hanel quad

7'6 Hanel eggy single

6'2 kustom CC thruster for Swiss Seb

For Mason 2BF, uptown top ranking!

'Proper egg sambos' says Davo of S & B

Deep Deep shout out to Shipworm


Deepism said...

Nice Hanels! Fresh Part piece. Ill Christensen, Sebism!

Deepism said...

Oh, yeah, Happy 4th, kiddos!

Ashton needs a bandaid?

Quirky FED 2 peice. Kinda like it. Also the Sonic b/w.

......ESAW vs MESK.........

Mr. Lentini said...

wife boardisms are classic

AshHole said...