Monday, June 29, 2009

Financing a Phantasy

Trippy storm Friday evening as seen in person and on Mozilla where it's always 6 feet at 12 seconds!

If a butterfly flaps her wings you're gonna need a board, why not a 6'6 Russ Short?

or a 6'0G Simmons Casper like Rad Raja reps?

A Simmons Procession...

Kustom for JT

5'1 Casper hand-shaped by Joe Bauguess for public consumption ($1200)

Curious tease

Deep roots NYC/Ozone Park graf legend IZ the Wiz passed on the 17th. Tuff RIP Respect--THIS IS IT---THIS IS IT! (Style Wars stills)

As well as this fuzzy yet thrilling gentleman...

It's hazy, hot and humid in New York no better time to eat ice cream!

-Bonzahs and Hanels on the way from Moonbase Central

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Neil said...

Crazy....Christy has 3 arms.