Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Listening To Sinatra For Real

The Little Wing has flown back to his Western Nest where he'll be keepin it mad fly in Costalots...

Forgotten souvenirs to bring

and ones he remembered to leave (CD/Vinyl)

Jay Crue X-Bronxed above and emerging from another 24-hour Coney Peninsula tube below

More about above, Mike Cunningham foto sent via Mr. Newby. Is that a funboard you're riding?

Mystery Shopper with much coveted 6'8 Pavel quad. I miss you Tino, what board are you gonna ride?

Where's Adam?

Carrying chairs from the City to the Boogie like the Yankees did when they got kicked outta Giants stadium


PaddleBattle said...

That Camaro iz real balls licker!

Ron Jon da Don said...

Italian Retards Out Cruisin a.k.a. Iroc

Deepism said...

Oh snap! Much maligned Fresh 5... gotta give it to him, homeboy has much trucks under his belt. Below the "More Fresh than You" truck flick, did you peep the BEAST tag behind the INDIE throwie? Seeeaaak!

Never felt TEAM, but PRIZ, WOLF, and KET are on the A Team list. So is Pavel. Sick black railed MAN Fish!

Bomb and surf! Surf and bomb!