Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Subway Humanity

Fun waves last Saturday morn, if not for Matty DB's janitorial services and Bubba's swift wetsuit changing Camaro and KLM would've been at the Laurel eating eggs over easy with rye toast and bacon. Thanks yo!

New boards from Aquatech...
7'2 Fineline Eggy single ($OLD)

7'6 Fineline Eggy single ($750)

8'2 Fineline Eggy single ($750)

9'6 Fineline Super Bee for classic 50/50 loggin ($OLD)

9'4 Anderson Brothers Marshall ($950)

9'6 Anderson Brothers Marshall ($950)

Kustom Brothers Marshall w/glass on for Bubbie Ha

9'7 Anderson Diamond Tail ($950)

For Deep Deep

1 comment:

wailakihawk said...

I did this sick graffiti spray in the water the other day, all over my friends face, like that scene in Colors when pac-man sprays that hot lady's little cousin in the face but much much more spray, like buckets and shit! THROW ROPE NOT BOMBS!