Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poke It With A Stick

Seek times at the Picaresque screening, thanks ya'll for reaching. Ty Williams (who did the dvd art and tees) and Bobby Kuliseek (who stood tall on the nose in Babylon and the Country) were greatly missed!

DVD is here! (and so is The Present!)

Maya and Wolfy seriously partying

China Ty, Maiko and Shigeru enjoying cupped beverage service

Maze Dawg and Byrne

China Ty after prolonged cupped beverage service

Camaro preventing a cupped beverage hangover the night before

at Grandpa's of Isham

Frank Counties cupped beverage cure courtesy of Motorino

Juan diggin for clams on a Grey Ghost


Kyle Field skate fans

Kyle T's a fan


Franco S. Boroughs said...

when i say im ballin, im not talkin bout a ball

fdavid said...

Franco call me is David!

Deepism said...

The Fantastic Partners! Righteous styles...

Deepism said...

Oh Snap! I'm Shipworm and Famous!

Deepism said...

Great story about how Noah got put down with TFP.

On a side note, did you know that Case 2 was a child hero? So was Vulcan. Bom 5. Jon 156. Hush. Phase 2. Enem. Espo. Kadism.