Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Great for Montauk or Costa Rica

The USED board selection is looking rather shreddible these days...

6'0 Campbell Brothers Bumble Bee ideal for Summertime mush or lined up Fall walls ($575) This board is pretty much brand new!

6'1 Chris Christenson 5-fin for low tide bowls/step-up/good waves/travel ($500)

6'5 Pearson Arrow ($350) for 12 O'Clock turns and proper shred

7'0 Rusty big guy tri for just that or for a smaller person looking for more foam ($450)

7'6 Campbell Brothers Bonzer-5 egg for blazing mush or lined up speed sections ($OLD 2 Reginald)

DA FIN JOJ from the Islands!

Still here!

Courtesy of Bobbie Lurie and the Smithsonian

1 comment:

Mick said...

That Christenson is the one I borrowed when over there in Sept.
Great board' cept I was a bit 'big' for it.