Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Surf City Girls

A great weekend for the warriors, hope ya'll got ya shred on as there was plenty going down Saturday and Sunday. Puffy watching out for Dubstar while he sleeps....or doesn't!

Macka Dub inna camo street style

More morning sick than seeeek but not for long

Later in the arvo, Skeletor paddled out on a funboard!

Patrick Trefz's Thread book is here courtesy of PowerHouse

Couple familiar faces, Dubstar with Lis and Mandala keels, Petro, Becker's grom in FF tee and uplifted modified cyclist

Used Mandala single fin, 7'6 x 21 3/4 x 2 7/8 ($500)

Weekend vongole

Big Tom on the grill

Uncle Ha's SPAM breakie and not just b/c he's an IT-man!

Jay Nelson came by the other day looking like a French movie-star

Shady inna Penske

Handsome James JOJ from Jamaica on a bike you can't steal. Checkout the New Surfers Journal (18,3) for his Tripping Through Japan piece. (Wicked Jeff Canham article too!)

Jim Cook sent these from Sacred Craft of Marc Andreini

and Gerry Lopez

Special Victims Unit

-Mikey DeTemple's PICARESQUE will be screened at the shop Tuesday June 16th at 8pm along with a life musical performance, cupped beverage service, street-side cookout and positive vibes.


Deepism said...


Funboarding is fun.

Deepism said...


Deepism said...

Can't find the flicks online and gave away my old graff zines to MERZ (before he was MERZ) but the deadly duo did the illest, largest piece up in the bronx on the back of a warehouse with 20+ ft letters. Big before SABER. But SABER is fresh so you can't front. So is the Mighty Dubstar. The twin keel wheeler.

ShipwormAndGribble said...

deep deep roots!

Rude said...

Only if your blog was peppered with Polaroid photos instead of digitals...
Pay heed to the Bolinas crew. That John Moore shapes fine crafts.
Pardon the broken connectivity of my post, I got some hard core wine in meself!

Greg said...

everyone talks so weird on here, like the above. wine or not, you can still be cool and not have to type like a hipster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deepism said...

Greg, the streets are saying things...

Rude said...

Exacly, just exactly. Greg, you need to heed the words! Seek!!!!

As they say:

"The Waco Easy Pop Oven".

As I turn about and face, taste, and embrace the universe.