Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gorgeous Mosaic

MENTAL seven day swell inna proper David Dinkins style. The seas peaked Friday the 13th with some of the heaviest, most violent waves seen around these parts since Bill. Serious Nor'easter action with 30mph offshores and HOV current. An always challenging and humbling Huey...


More rights than people

For regular footers across the burl

Hot A action...

The new Norm Divoskin

Quick pick me up w/Mr. Manchild Kidman who'd been lurking in Island Park. Years ago when Derek Hynd and Tom Curren came thru with the Search they also stayed in IP.

Homeboy paddled out on his brand new 6'1 Lis fish when most people were on their step-up boards. Australian styles yo! Luck of the Scottish, he put down the board a second to grab wax and the dog took a shit on it. Some would say this is good luck, others a magic board and gift of Aloha...

Swell dropped on Saturday but still smoking

Mad rights yo!

Dave Ho, alleged younger brother of Michael and Derek flashed out

Greg Gilgo, Floating Sidewalk and San Diego skull action

Camaro inna inner most moment in from a rainy run mad high on endorphins

6'2 Christenson thumbnail thruster w/glass on bamboozles ($700)

6'0 Rick fish $250 (for real), nice bit of surf history right here. Know ya culture!

7'0 Channel Islands beefsteak single $450 for the big man or just someone looking to catch more waves


Clams said...

HOLY-SHIT. Literally. There's some shit up on the Holy Grail!!! Thats effin hilarious. Email that to Stevie!

fdavid said...

That board got caught in some drive by action for sure. = )

pushingtide said...

I'll take a couple of those rights on that Ricky.