Friday, November 27, 2009

Nando Baby!

Danny Hess in haus w/his lady, first board he took off the racks was the 5'9 Faktion SNL Frahkitt. seeeeeeeeeeek yo...

Wilding on the 8'1 'pipe cleaner' as handcrafted by Tom Parrish and Gott Glassing

USED 6'0 CC keel $350

FM Badlands braved the Newtown Creek for these epic slices from Rosa's of Maspeth

Can I surf today?

Kidman buying protection and thanking God for a few free waves?

Ongoing swell action, some fun last Sunday

This Tuesday the day, reportedly 'shoulder to head high' or 'two feet overhead' and 'barreling, you know how hard it is to get barrelled here and I was getting barrelled' said one young man grand. No fotos but here's one from Wednesday of The Militant One shooting a curl on his 5'5 ...lost rocket...

Apres-surf rendez-vous w/Dubstar inna grease monkey style!

Puffkat was wary and lept out the situ

Surprise sesh on the day of Thanks. Good look Huey...

Jah Kid wearing sunglasses indoors like only FM and Jack N. could

NEW Nat Russell skate action from Comet

Two sizes yo!

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