Monday, February 4, 2008

Satellite Surf Film Series Continues...

That's right, the Mollusk Surfy Love Sound System is back on tour this week as we return to Brooklyn on Weds. Feb. 6th at ROPE bar for a screening of "Filthy Habits" and "PUMP!" A homage to power surfing, Occy, Sunny, Ronnie Burns (RIP), Munga and Skeletor Collins. Painters and dockers styles...

415 Myrtle Ave at Clinton
Fort Greene Brooklyn

*flyer designed by frenchy Frank Moe and Co.

7:25pm Update-
DVD Re-stocks:
-One California Day
-Stylemasters 2
-The Seedling
-Sipping Jetstreams
-Cosmic Children
-Super Session

Plus more Drifters (58mm/87A)and Black Eggs (50mm/87A) from Solitary Arts...too bad it's raining. But since it is, here's a list of boards in-stock:

-5'5" Grey Ghost twin keel shaped by Joey Clams!
-5'6" Christenson twin keel (Double 4oz, clear sanded)
-5'8" Choice Pavel single-wing quad w/glass on hand-signed Geppys (very collectible)
-5'8" Choice Pavel speed-dialer
-5'9" Faktion quad fish
-5'9" Bulkley roundtail quad
-5'10" Grey Ghost quad fish w/Resin X
-5'11" Swift twin keel
-6'0" Hanel quad fish
-6'1" Bulkley double-bump swallow tail quad
-6'4" Bonzer (USED)
-6'6" Bulkley roundtail quad
-6'6" Joel Tudor 'Sea of Joy' single fin (USED)
-6'8" Bulkley roundtail quad
-6'9" Christeson Pocket Rocket single fin (USED)
-6'10" T.Maus single fin (USED)
-7'4" Michel Junod single fin pintail
-8'0" Hanel eggy single
-9'6" Junod pintail w/glass on fin
-9'8" Hanel square tail w/fin box
-9'6" DANO Nose Glider
-9'9" DANO Old Pleasure


avocados said...

what outline is the 6'4" used bonzer? any dims?

J.P. said...

I loooove Filthy Habits and Pump.

Shipworm&Gribble said...

6'4" x 11 1/2" x 18 7/8" x 14" and 2 5/8" thick...$450.