Friday, February 29, 2008

Too young to be a Hippy, too old to be a Punk

A long hair trippin' nod to legendary LA-artist and Destroy All Monsters-man Mike Kelley, who was celebrity-spotted enjoying a late arvo lunch at Villa Sombrero in East LA just the other day. Learn more about MK here:

Local academic-rocker Ken C. is selling his slightly used Cooperfish V-pin, check the pic from Gene's site below. Contact the shop for details.

How's this Ivory Serra foto of Andy Kessler with long hair? EPIC like Lee Ranaldo but of course better-looking!?! The Serra Bros show 'Halfway between the gutter and the stars' is on view at Secret Project Robot until March 15th. Weekend hours: 2-5pm

Thanks to whomever for leaving this pink panther bike for us the other nite. We're having a ghost-riding contest this weekend if anyone's down.

Schultzie taking his style-shred skills to the streets

One of my most memorable sessions in the West was with Rad 'Chad' Marshall the "Jimi Hendrix of Longboarding" (per Mr. Litz) one overcast nite in Venice. Rainy, cloudy and cold just like New York! Homeboy was taking off fin first and hanging heels which is something you really don't see back East. His joy was apparent and contagious. Respect! Check him on a Wegener Alaya, heard he's doing 360 floaters on it now. Take that shredder! Onetime Frankie Sacramento...


Anonymous said...

Sometimes known as the david lee roth of surfing, usually when out of the water.

Anonymous said...

villa sombrero 6101 york blvd. LA (highland park) california.
Known for its decent food and generously potent margaritas which have prompted many blackouts over the years. 2 is plenty, 3 is dreamy... Good stop for all those who find themselves in Highland park.

resintint said...

Chad is rad!!!!