Tuesday, June 1, 2010

17 W. 71st St.

Hope everyone had a chill Memorial Day weekend, thanks and respect for ya'll support Saturday nite at the Andrew Kessler Benefit where Adam Camaro's acid-phantasy DANO was raffled/won by a non-surfer who sold it to Illmatic G. and donated that money too, respect. Dubstar & Jah Bless went mental on the Monster Island Sound System w/ mad love and aloha shared on River Street in honor of an all-time NYC grom...KESS LIVES!

A couple from the recent 'Big' Weds where temps touched 90 degrees inna full on summer steez, all humidity and tropical SSE mist cuz ya might miss Christmas. All were missed except for China Ty, Durand Durand and a funboarder with some classic spring filth to share. The most crowded summer yet...

Serious Rainbow action joj in all the latest 'diaper tints' as Mr. Pavel phrased it...

In the beginning, an untinted 6'4 clear quad ($875)

5'9 Creek Fish g+p ($960)

5'10 Rainbow Speed Dialer...always copied, rarely replicated ($960)

6'0 Speed Dialer ($960)

6'1 Rainbow Creek Fish ($960) for the gentleman coming down off a log or alleged funboard, keep in mind that shredding is a state of mind

6'8 RainBOWIE Gangsta Shredda ($985)

Barton Lynch's younger brother Marton as seen in a Mike Nelson foto on his new 5'5 Creek fish w/glass on Geps!

Like Shane Herring paddling out at your local

Salt-Stained Brull and Matt Clark this Saturday on the island at a dope little tat parlor. Always great work from two perennially-inspired local fotogs. Should be hype check it if yer inna Nassau

Further east on the island Tommy Snaps and Petro Faktion were turning skateboard decks into handplanes, changing verb tenses with lens and baskets with bicycles...

Last nites shred or die jung!


HA said...

poetic justice!

Kyle said...

Can you move the boards out of the way? You're blocking that Mesk tag...

Sick Pavels!