Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Miss Winter

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend, including you--Huey! How's Holiday? Our sometimes absent father who's never gone for too long, especially when there's a log in ya quiver...

Our girl Maiko's gone mental tweaking her purse-thang, check the NEW handplane covers! Great for protecting your Hess Moontail or contraband...

HO! Kustom Pendo purse for Cher Pendarvis, Aloha Pendos!

The Eel's less-hirsute half Alexa of DWR dropped off some Fresher Drops and Itch Witch 'bite & sting' remedy which comes in handy on the streets or in the fields...

Robert Coolasect on an afternoon trip, freshening up after a La Nonna lunch

Bite & Sting

The Witch inna BK yard action

Bubbie's in this show under a pseudonym

Can you believe people still wanna TEST Queensbridge?

Joker Smoker

FloriDale reppin school boy steez in prep for a visit to the UK

Clams back-drop

Queens Legend, Rest In Peace. Foto courtesy of another QL, FM Buratta

Broadway Bridge action courtesy of H-Dawg

Cups got tired of saggins riffin his riffage so he sent us something new for people ta cribbbbbbooyah!


FMR said...

always gone but never hard to find

Kyle said...

SENT ONE * The Fantastic Partners!

Nice up-high, SEVEN.

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Hey there!
Maiko's Pendoflex purse is awesome. We're so stoked, thank you for your thoughtful gift, Maiko.
San Diego Aloha, Cher and Steve