Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Help Yourself

Couple of Richard Brewer's JOJ from Kauai! Serious honor to be reppin True Brews in haus, big ups to Lyle Carson, Dick's 'best student since Gerry Lopez' for facilitating the transaction. HB Respect!

(Pix courtesy of Ty YeahYeahYeahYeah and his lady AR)

6'8 thruster for when you're scared in the shorey ($1160)

6'9 RB '1967 Reno' single fin for when you're scared in the shorey

A most serious collection of boards arrived from Mr. Hilbers and Fineline, talk about range yo! This guy does it all, for longer than most of us have been alive and still aint no primadonna. Show us where to sign BJ!

5'6 Dirty Sanchez'($850)

6'3 Little Bastard ($735)

7'6 Fineline eggy single ($750)

9'7 NEWT ($975) for 50/50 nose-riding action

9'1 CORSAIR, a classic 'style rider' referencing 60's performance for light-weights or ladies

A Good Samaritan brought this to our attention, apparently this bike was 'stolen' and wound up in Brooklyn. Call the shop if it's yours and tell us what stickers are on it.

-NEW Chris Malloy film 180 SOUTH in this arvo

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