Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Than Once A Week

After countless phone-calls and email inqueries regarding used logs one has finally arrived! 9'0 Hank Byzak (Pure Fun fame) 2-plus-1, great for a beginner or beating summer funk...$250. A couple of small cracks that could use some Suncure but a fine way to get your log-jam on without firing up the computer!

Tudor takes a seat on River Street, look for him in the water this weekend. Serious batch of KOOKBOXES scheduled to arrive on/around June 15th. Stay chuned

At least it wasn't another leash loop...or was it? Petrocelli makes some of the best leash loops on Long Island and Kess is to thank!

Nha Toi 160 Havemeyer in Ariel's hood, where a friendly purveyor named Fred holds down a freshly made jazzy vibe w/curious daily specials/sides

Sol, Ex-Villains and Sean Bones

Uncle HA the Provider smackANCE! Ohana always lookin' out, much respect

The Team continues to hold it down...

Edgar ain't half steppin his way ta shred!

THE LUZMOB and Fineline shred egg

YES JOSE/Feed me Seymour in the Grey Ghost percentile

Illmatic G, DANO acid casualty and student of fotography

A most reasonable gentleman and previously discussed 6'1 Creekie Creek

Mikey B. Good sold a bunch of hip hop twelves and cashed in on this 6'10 Rainbow quad, PROPER!

Uptown's finest makes a BK appearance courtesy of the Camaro Kid. As the saying goes, a cold pie from Patsy's of Harlem is still better than most pies warm

Tony EIEIO testing the taste

Recently re-located foto of a young Mario Marzano during an early Queens encounter w/full action armpit sniff and Rob Bain stoke inna 1991 6'1 New Sun w/carbon fibre 'Slater' strip style. Marshall Bros-esque wetsuit purchased from someone who traded up to Oneil's 'Animal.' Foto by Mr. Regan father of underground Rock/LB shredder Sean. Too close to the Casino...Clams what year were you born?!

Paul Whitereadascremesepopoe on display, Brewer and Able Ferrara soon come!

Danny Hess and Alexandra Casaniti will reppin the Makers Market this weekend. Mr. Hess was seen blazing a Josh Hall twin keel the other morning in the LB-area and making all the heavy locals look silly!


Sadoff said...

O'neill animal still to future for us.

Tyler said...

A timeless cutty never goes out of style!