Monday, January 21, 2008

Mayonnaise Monday

Back to Biz on this cold-crisp MLK Day! Hope ya'll got some surfy action over the weekend. Friday was del fuego in the Dirty, a regular footers paradise if ever!

Some humor to start your week, Brady Dollarhide (real name!) brought in the newest model from GROM SKATES, the 'Mayonnaise Sandwich.' No doubt coined for Bubbies questionable relationship with senior men in hardware stores that sell knee-pads and club sammies.

Save the bones for Henry Jones!

Flashing echo, flashing ollie

Ollie one-foot revival!

Normal hours on MLK! RESPECT
DVD ReStocks:
-Morning of the Earth
-Surf into Summer
-Of Wind and Waves
-Surfing For Life
-Bali High
-Siestas and Olas
-Tubular Swells b/w A Day In The Life Of Wayne Lynch (ESSENTIAL VIEWING!)
-Runman 69 (VHS)

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