Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ecstatic Peace Nite!

Tuesday January 8th, 8pm at the Knitting Factory: Ecstatic Peace Nite featuring: MV & EE w/The Golden Road, Thurston Moore Groop, Tall Firs, Religious Knives + DJ sets from Derek of Awesome Color.

Gettin Gone 2LP on Ecstatic Peace, more rocked out and driving than usual but still mad loose and jangley. J. Mascis on drums, way the F upstate and interstellar!

the Spirit of Orr record label just re-issued MV&EE's "Uranian Ray" LP originally released on Children of Microtones in 2004. The MV/EE Medicine Show excite the DEA with their classic psychedelic bantar-raga sound!

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