Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Indian Summer

The weather has been unseasonably warm here in NY the past couple of days. This time last week it was below Zero and today it's 68! Full on Indian Summer in January.

Andrew Kidman's ETHER book arrived today and is just gorgeous! Super limited edition fine art book and serious surf cultural document. All books are signed by the Scoundrel-from-Down-Unda and come with a 10" colored vinyl recording. We only have 10 copies...call (718-218-7456) or email (mollusknyc@gmail.com) for a copy.

Books re-stocks from Giant Robot:
-Margaret Kilgallen 'In the Sweet Bye & Bye'
-Barry McGee 'Things Are Getting Better'
-Thomas Campbell 'Sing Ding Aling'
-Clare Rojas 'Blue Deer and Red Fox'

DVD Re-stocks:
-One California Day
-Stylemasters 2

New Dvd's:
-Momentum 1 & 2
-Blue Horizon

In out and up, skate pix from last nite:
Shady getting shadier...

Deebow's got rad dance moves! Queens

Still Shady...

Serious kine painter Sean Landers with his new
7'6" long-quad-fish. Shred it well SL!

Film-making Sugar-Sonny Jeremy 'Dingo' Dean
with the much coveted (and much dinged) 5'8"
Christenson twin keel...

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